Alfresco Restaurant

At the Alfresco, it would be valid to say that cuisine gave birth to architecture. The restaurant occupies the ground floor of an office building in a finance zone of Mexico City. In this anonimous space, the goal was to create a mediterranean restaurant in which the atmosphere would be relaxed and unpretentious and the food would be composed of few elements that could fuse in a new whole.

Thus, few elements give form to the restaurant. Each of them adapts to the whole without losing its identity. There is an interesting contrast of textures and colors among materials: demolition brick, site-poured artificial granite, colored concrete. The form of the wall creates a strong relationship between the users and the outside, leaving them alfresco.

Alfresco Restaurant


Ciudad de México

Built area

90 m²


Roberto Jiménez Ramos
Eduardo Olivares

Type of building