SVC House

The SVC House is an urban refuge. An oasis in the middle of the over-stimulating world of Mexico City. The house is located in the south of the city, in a neighborhood created in the first half of the twentieth century. This zone, albeit surrounded by main arteries with an intense traffic, has the virtue of enjoying relative peacefulness, which owes to a great extent to the fact of being only a residential, single-family house neighborhood.

The different volumes of the house give form to the corner of the block, where previously another house existed, and, after being demolished, left the usual urban void that breaks all visual continuity between buildings. It was precisely this fact that lead us to take the solution of the corner as a starting point for the solution of the house.

The house is composed by three volumes, articulated around a double-height covered courtyard. The volumes, on the exterior, are composed of two continous bands of different material, a fact that accentuates the importance of the corner. Each of these volumes houses a function and has a character. On the second floor, the communication among them takes place along two bridges, one public, the other private.

A certain degree of anonimity was intended towards the outside. The house does not take a leading role in the urban overture neither it is completely unnoticed. It takes its place as a contemporary architectural object, in the middle of a more traditional context, and promotes in the inside, a constant flow of aesthetic stimuli.

SVC House


Ciudad de México

Built area

520 m²

Area of intervention

600 m²


Roberto Jiménez Ramos
Claudia Lovera

Type of building