Cemetery at San Miguel de Allende

The cemetery is located at the northern limits of the city, at the Obraje Valley. Inside this valley, a massive rock promontory is the main presence, and the different buildings are in a constant dialogue with it and with the geometry of the site.

The central concept that gives coherence to the project is the act of moving from the every day world into a world of self-reference and introspection. This is achieved while passing the different elements of the program: a flower market, to greet the visitor, the mourning building, that separates the worlds of life and death, the burial grounds and the crematorium, which ends up the composition.

The complex works as well as a growth limit towards the north for San Miguel, a move which promotes the definition of the limits of the city.

Cemetery at San Miguel de Allende


San Miguel Allende, Gto.

Built area

3600 m²

Area of intervention

3.4 has


Roberto Jiménez Ramos
David Hernández

Type of building
Civic buildings